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Animal Nutrition

Feed grade ingredients for dairy, beef, poultry, pork and petfood 

INLAC IMPORT EXPORT is a CANADIAN company established and registered in Quebec, in the island of MONTREAL.


We operate with FEED GRADE ingredients (animal nutrition) in several market segments such  as  POULTRY,  PORK,  DAIRY, BEEF and PETFOOD,  exporting  them at very competitive prices.


After having worked in the animal nutrition market for many years, we have built a close commercial relationship with our  customers where  each  transaction is  conducted in order to  meet  100% of the  requirements  agreed upon negotiations.

Whether your company is considering purchasing a FEED GRADE ingredient, checking the  feasibility  of a new one or, simply seeking new options of suppliers we will be very proud to be part of your projects and actively contribute on their successes.

Feed Grade Ingredients for Export
Feed Grade Ingredients for Animal Nutrition
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